In this History Illustrated Video we are going to cover the meaning of the word Cartographer.

Understanding the meaning of the word cartographer may work best when breaking it down to the root word Here

C A R T O G R A P H 

When looking up the word cartograph in a dictionary you will find it means a map or chart

So essentially a cartograph is a map

The etymology, the origin, or how the word was created comes from ancient Greek

The Carto part of the word comes from this


Which I can’t read — but my research shows it’s pronounced like “khártēs”

Which sounds similar to Carto — in Greek this word meant Map

And the Graph part comes from the word γράφω — Which is pronounced similar to the word graph, which meant “to write”

Put them together and you Get Map Write

Which, I guess is basically what we’re talking about here.

So, in English we can add a “y” to the end to of a long of words to create another noun. By doing this we get – Cartography

While  cartograph is a noun that means a map, cartography is a noun that means “the making of maps”

So if you’re job was making maps you could say your job is cartography

But If cartography was your job — what would you be called? What is a person called that makes maps.

Well, in English we can add an -er to words a lot of times to make a word that describes a person that does something… let’s try that.

Start with cartograph and add the -er to the end and we have cartographer

And there we have it – A cartographer is a maker of maps, a map maker.

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